Winter (Oct. - Mar.) 9:00-17:00
Summer (Apr. - Sept.) 9:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays (except Public Holidays)

Our Staff

Our staff are all well experienced and friendly. Come and enjoy horse riding experience!

Kenichi Taniguchi
He is the owner of Frontier Horse Riding Club. He gives all of his time and energy for producing an abundance of flowers everywhere in our horse riding club.

Mayumi Taniguchi
She learned about life from horses and they teach her the joy of living. She is greatly obliged to horses every day.

Takeharu Egawa
He is a nephew of Kenichi Taniguchi, the owner of this horse riding school. He has been working as staff for 10 years. Mowing glass, working on a farm, breaking in remount, instructing lesson…he has been performing well in various fields.

Kenji Tachi

He joined equestrian art club at university. When he was a student, he made a good record at equestrian event.
His finely-textured lesson is in high repute from our guests.

Hayato Sanada

Started horseback riding when he was a high school student. After 1 year, he started equestrian art. He has been working here since 2006. He is one of our popular instructors.