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We are located in Ishikari-city, situated to the north of Sapporo, “the capital city of Hokkaido”
The city is facing Ishikari Bay and the mouth of Ishikari River on the west.

Salmon and herring are famous in Ishikari area, and Ishikari-nabe is a typical dish of Hokkaido and originated from Ishikari area.

As it is close to Sapporo, please stop by Ishikari and try outdoor activities and eat tasty food when you come to travel in Sapporo!


165-3 Shuppu Atsuta-ku
Ishikari Hokkaido

By car
Approximately 40 minutes from Sapporo city via Route 231 in the direction of Rumoi

By bus
take the Chuo Bus (Satsu-Atsu line or Satsu-Hama line) from the Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal or Tetsudo Byoin mae. Get off at Tomen Danchi Iriguchi, and walk 3 mins

No pick-up/drop-off services available